New Video for Megan Morrison’s “Devil Said Roam” Out Now

New single from the Appetite for Freedom album an homage to classic Westerns and an allegory for her struggles with inner demons

Miami-based American singer, songwriter, and professional fire dancer Megan Morrison has just released a video for her “Devil Said Roam” single from the new Appetite for Freedom album. Available on her YouTube channel, the clip was produced and directed by Morrison and Tofik Aliev, and shot on location in Davie and Plantation, FL. Inspired by Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Westerns, it stars the artist portraying a Clint Eastwood-like character

The song is meant to be interpreted by the listener however they like, and however it fits into their own reality. For Megan, it’s the story of how she battled her demons and at one point was ready to give in to them. But something pulled her out of the depths and pushed her to keep going. There was almost a voice in her head that said, “Your story does not end here.”

“Usually in Western movies there are good guys and bad guys,” says Morrison. “In this short film the line is blurred, which is often true in reality. Who is good and who is bad? There’s almost always a story behind someone’s motive. I want to force people to look at their own narrative.” Megan credits her husband Jason Parente with helping to produce the video, as well as Donn Crothers for production and costuming, among other duties.

The song, co-written and co-produced by guitarist Tony Alarcon, opens with a thunderbolt crack, yields to said Western / Ennio Morricone vibe, then gives to a straight four on the floor mid-tempo rocker, complete with the radio-ready refrain of “You think you’re in love, but I’m not in love.” The song features a rich mixing touch, but is not overly produced, and can be classified as contemporary rock.

Megan continues: “We’ve all dealt with some kind of ‘demon’, be it addiction, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, depression, a toxic relationship, whiskey, food, etc. For me, ‘Devil Said Roam’ tells the story of a woman who was ready to give in to her demons, but not even the Devil itself would take her soul. So, she had no choice but to roam this earth to find herself. Have you found yourself yet? If not, keep looking.”

Fans can stream and download the song and album at Promotional photos and the album cover in high resolution are available here.

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