A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO WEST PARK GRADUATES: What Will You Do to Live a Life That Matters?

Someone once said that change is inevitable and growth is optional. As you stand on the brink of moving into life beyond high school or college, change will be inevitable! It is inevitable and indeed gratifying to see that you are matured and have become skills proficient ready to tackle and further your life-long education. It is inevitable that structures and processes and relationships will change in your day-to-day lives. It is inevitable that you will face new challenges and it is inevitable that things may seem a little different in the year ahead. Yes, life is definitely going to become a little ‘shaken up and stirred’.

I’m sure you will have some apprehension and fear for the future while acknowledging that you are going to miss some of your old friends and classmates. Today you also face the bittersweet combination of nostalgia and excitement that comes when you turn off one road in your life and onto another.  That’s where growth comes into play!

Instead of simply turning onto the road, you are finally merging onto the highway. For some of you, this is the end of our official scholastic journey. While some of you will further your educational development in college or graduate school.   Today also marks a turning point for many of you that we can’t ignore: you are headed out there into the “real world.” Should you be nervous? Yes, a little apprehension is understandable.

This is the end of the past; you will now have to embrace the future bravely.  The future is not something you dream of anymore – it is right here where your hands can reach -and it begins today!

Live by your own potential – teach as you walk forward in life.  Make the world an awesome place as you work to make your life successful and make stunning contributions to society.

It may not be easy to watch every achievement you have reached but every single one of them is added to history. Your individual achievements will benefit society as a whole as you light up the initiates of your fellow man. Go to the works and give! Not to take!

I challenge each one of you to do everything you can to reach your fullest potential.  I encourage each of you from the graduating class of 2022 to reach the ultimate goal – just imagine the effect that would have in West Park (and the world.)

We know that challenges are a part of our everyday life.  Whether big or small, few or many it is good that we reflect on the essence of experiencing these challenges.  A prominent person once said, A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”

After graduation you will part ways and lead to hundreds of directions. Remember that in every ending there will come a new beginning.  Never allow your successes in life to lull you into the welcoming arch of complacency. I am saying this to inspire you to give your best in everything.

Be strong, fight in, get up, be brave. And never stop dreaming.  Improve, adjust and believe in yourself! Seek for adventure, share wisdom, inspire others -explore possibilities to put yourself in to challenge.  Enjoy life as well as your plans, make new paths, and live your life to the fullest!

As you go forward in your life, whether you’re heading to a trade school, a university, a job or simply wherever the wind takes you- remember to do so with an open mind and a full heart.  Be ready for whatever the universe throws at you and keep going because contrary to what the world keeps trying to tell you, you don’t need to have all the answers right now!

Life is a learning curve, not a test.  So spend some time figuring out what you really want.  The works will change in ways you would never expect but you shouldn’t fight it.  Let it help you grow. Push forward!

The next lesson is to never let anyone else define you. No one has the authority in your life to tell you what you can and can’t do. Nobody knows what the future holds for you and who you may influence along the way. Every last one of us is unique and that means we will take on different paths, lifestyles, and obstacles to reach success. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter how long it takes or what order you do it as long as you get it done for yourself.

Behind each of you there must be dozens of individuals providing support in a vast and unlimited way. The best way you can show gratitude is to stand and continue forward in your life knowing that the best is yet to come.

To your parents – thank you for guiding, encouraging, loving and supporting the students.  Thank you for understanding and guidance. Most importantly thanks for the constant sacrifices.

To all the teachers thank you for believing in the students and for serving as their inspiration to pursue their dreams. You made them realize that there was more beyond those four walls.

Finally, imagine if every individual lived up to his or her own potential. Think about how amazing that would be, and how much better off the world would be. Now imagine if just half of those individuals lived up to their potential. The world would still be an awesome place. If even 1/4 of those individuals worked to make their lives successful, they could still make some amazing contributions to society.

Well, we may not have the power to inspire the entire world to strive for success, but we do have the power to try to achieve it for ourselves. My challenge to each of you, and to myself, is to do all that you can do to reach your full potential educationally and professionally to ensure you live a life that matters!

Live with intention Live with passion. Live life with humility. Live life with purpose. Let your light shine so that they may see your good deeds.  The future is truly in your hands, so make the most of it. I am so proud of you.   West Park is so proud of you!

We salute you as you embark on your dreams for your future.  Congratulations class of 2022!

Remember to contact me at City Hall with your ideas, suggestions or concerns.  I represent you and appreciate your input into the continued success of our beloved city.  I can be reached at (954) 329-8990 or email: fbrunson@cityofwestpark.org.

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