EIBS plans to make Palmetto Bay an autistic, neurodiverse-friendly city

EIBS was born in 2017 as a pilot to increase inclusion and diversity in the educational system and to develop the capacities and abilities of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), among other diagnoses, in South Florida.

Until June of this year, EIBS was operating mainly with private schools, but this summer, it opened the first owned location in Palmetto Bay. This new facility will allow the team to reach and support more children and young adults with their tutoring needs, social skills and life skills development, among many other services, no matter the school they attend or if they are homeschooled.

“We are delighted to have our place in Palmetto Bay officially. This is a big step for us, one

we have been dreaming and working for since day one,” said María Alejandra Mejia, EIBS founder and director, who is, with her husband and son, a resident of Palmetto Bay.

“Creating awareness and fostering acceptance of neurodiversity is at our core, and being able to do it on and for my city and the surrounding is a priority for us. One of our goals is to create a community of families where we can enhance our kids and youth’s lives through education and social gatherings, special events, and engagements. Our kids deserve a joyful and fulfilling life, so we need to work hand in hand with the community and especially the parents to make it happen.”

Around 1 in 54 American children, approximately 135,050, have been diagnosed with ASD, demonstrating a large proportion of families in need of support. When raising a child with autism, there are various factors to consider, from resources, including schools and sensory gyms, to the monetary and legal aid parents may be provided with, all of which change state by state, according to a recent article from Autism Parenting Magazine.

Autistic and neurodiversity strengths and abilities could bring our society innovative ways to solve problems and create new solutions; neurodiverse abilities need to have a space in our community. As Francesca Happé states, “further research on special skills and talents in autism, therefore, has the promise of finding routes to increase talent beyond those with autism, as well as providing new insights to help recognize, respect and release the ‘beautiful otherness of the autistic mind.’”

EIBS will continue advocating for neurodiverse individuals and families, inspiring acceptance, encouraging change, and supporting each of their students to fully develop their abilities and talents, now from their own space in Palmetto Bay and through the schools they support.

“Registration is open, and new families are always welcome. Our website is up to date with information parents or guardians may need. We are also planning an open house to show our center and connect with the community at large,” Mejia said.

For more information visit www.eibscorp.com/.

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