Studies Provide Benefits of Wellness Post-Pandemic

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Another new study has reinforced the need for everyone to engage in regular exercise, yoga meditation and benefits of mind-body tools for improving personal mental health. Due to challenges faced with post-pandemic stress and today’s mental health challenges, the importance of taking time for mind and body after times of disruption has become relevant.

A research study released by Wake Forest University recently involved 300 older adults experiencing memory changes called mild cognitive impairment (MCI), associated with Alzheimer’s and other issues. These seniors participated in exercises which included yoga meditation tools and only resulted in modest heart rate increases.

“These positive results from the Wake Forest research reinforce a need for yoga to be practiced by all age groups and those nearing becoming a senior,” explains Beth Shaw, who has led an organization, YogaFit, for the past 25 years. “People of all ages may improve their health and longevity through regular routines and especially yoga since post-pandemic there is an increase in mental health issues.”

An article published recently in Yoga Therapy Today covers the benefits of mechanisms provided by yoga which reinforces the Wake Forest study. Shaw points out that four key elements of yoga tools deliver better mental health through mechanisms of movement; breath; concentration and resulting psychosocial elements.

“Coming out of the pandemic, it is important for everyone to improve their quality of life through action steps such as regular yoga,” explains Shaw. “One of our programs making a huge difference this year includes adapting and helping victims of trauma, including first responders and healthcare workers.”

An author of four best-selling books on health and wellness, Shaw ‘s YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in September. Her mind-body education school provides updates on health and mindfulness in the workplace.

Shaw, a keynote speaker, explains in her latest book, Healing Trauma With Yoga & Mind-Body Techniques, about the tools yoga instructors utilize towards recovery and health. She offers techniques to survive and thrive through times of debilitating conditions. Her weekly radio show, Make America Healthy, may be heard on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. on Voice America and to learn more, visit or

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