InBattle Opens a Virtual World of High Tech Gaming Excitement in Miami

5,000 sq-ft facility with VR Gaming and eSports Arena is ready for play in Wynwood

InBattle, a Chilean-based software developer and operator of virtual reality and free roaming gaming experiences, has opened a new interactive eSport facility in the heart of Wynwood’s Arts District. InBattle’s new flagship space and corporate headquarters is a 5,000-square-foot building at 2818 NW 5th Avenue, Miami, Fla. Approximately 3,000 square feet of that facility is open space dedicated to a new InBattle VR gaming and eSports arena.


Designed to draw gaming enthusiasts of all kinds, the high-technology arena can accommodate two teams of up to four players or eight players simultaneously. Those who don’t have a team can partner with new friends they’ve met at the InBattle facility. Sessions are 45 minutes with 30 minutes of that devoted to actual gameplay. Pricing is $45 per person, per session.

“We have been working hard to bring something new to the gaming industry; aiming to have a deeply immersive VR experience that will allow players to really feel they are inside the game, in the characters skin, with all the adrenaline and excitement of a battle arena,” says InBattle Founder and CEO Cristobal Baixas.


The high-mobility arena marks the opening of an exciting indoor activity for friends, families, and colleagues. “Using different gaming mechanics such as characters and skills selection, the experience allows players to customize their teams’ strategies – making it extremely dynamic and competitive,” continued Baixas. “Whatever the team’s make-up, gamers can expect an extremely intense half-hour of fun VR and motion capture gameplay,”


InBattle was founded in Chile and has relocated to Miami during the pandemic for several reasons. “Miami is an exciting, vibrant metropolitan area with a strong entertainment focus,” stresses Baixas. “That works exceptionally well for our business launch and as a solid anchor for our future growth too.” The new Miami facility is the company’s flagship location. Besides the VR and eSports gaming arena, InBattle’s corporate offices are housed within the facility, too.


That said, more growth on the VR arena side is on the way. InBattle plans to expand into 10 cities and create a network – or “league” – of gaming arenas with teams that will train and then compete against each other. “The arenas will compete for local tournaments at the beginning and then national championships,” says Cristobal. “This will take our already exciting VR gaming and eSports experiences to an even higher level.”


Players can also enjoy the experience beyond the arena. InBattle is implementing an immersive VR gaming strategy both for consumers participating in the “live” arena experience and for digital players in a home setting – as a new InBattle home-based application is coming soon. In addition, players can record stats, compare performance with other players, and build a community around the gameplay.

“We have begun seeing the physical and digital worlds start to blend in different markets, like the crypto currency in the financial market, and NFTs [non-fungible tokens] that opened up a new way of trading digital IPs,” says Baixas. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between eSports and sports, providing high physical movement to our users inside the digital world through the application of leading-edge technologies.”

Community reaction to InBattle’s move to Miami has been swift and positive. “As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, it’s incredible to see gaming companies making a name for themselves in the Magic City,” says Francis Suarez, mayor, City of Miami. “InBattle VR has the opportunity to disrupt the entire entertainment industry and they’re doing it right here from home in Miami.”

From a business group’s perspective, “we’re excited for InBattle’s arena opening in Wynwood,” says James Kohnstamm, executive vice president, Miami Dade Beacon Council, who added that it’s an important milestone for Miami’s continued growth in the eSports space, allowing the city to be recognized as an industry leader. “For The Beacon Council, this project not only represents more jobs and capital investments to the community, but also talent development.”

For more information on InBattle’s motion capture and VR technology, as well as to order tickets for the VR gaming arena “live” experience in Wynwood, visit


About InBattle

InBattle is a VR entertainment company that focus on delivering VR solutions that allow freedom of movement and deep immersion. Today the company, newly relocated to Miami is focused on opening a network of VR arenas nationwide. The company also will collaborate with educational programs including that of Miami Dade College’s Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) and institutional training programs that can benefit from InBattle’s immersive technology solutions.

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